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A Kneaded Retreat

A Kneaded Retreat

You know you need it.

After 30 years as a practicing dental assistant I began to have pain in my lower back. I was miserable and always hurting. One day I decided to try massage as an alternative to traditional medicine. It changed my life! Massage gave me back my career. I attended Lauterstein-Conway Massage School shortly therafter. My intention is to share that gift with other working professionals who don't get a break, are stressed out, who "don't have the time or expense" for a weekly massage. To make self care not only a pleasure but easily assessable, yes even during the work day without having to undress. You don't have to suffer. Its time to consider therapeutic massage as a path to wellness, not just a luxurious occasional treat. Its your life.

Every body needs a retreat!


"What we think, we become"




Thai Massage and Swedish Massage

2 Hour Session $200

1 1/2 Hour Session $130

1 Hour Session $100

Thai Massage is a unique Healing system that works the entire body, increasing flexibility. It is ideal for people who want to relieve pain and stress.

You will be stretched in a sequence of movements similar to Yoga. You can wear loose, comfortable clothing during this massage.

Swedish Massage helps release tension and is a good choice if you want to fully relax during a massage. You will remove your clothes and be covered with a sheet and blanket while lying on a massage table. Areas of focus being actively worked on will be uncovered and replaced during this massage.

Complementary Treatments
Aromatherapy, Hot Towels, Foot Scrub


Benefits of Massage


Reduce anxiety

Manage lower back 

Help chronic neck pain

Reduce muscle tension

Sleep better

Lower blood pressure

Increase range of motion

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214 797-8955


3933 Spicewood Springs Rd. Suite 200

Austin, Texas 78759

214 797-8955